This document outlines a few of the security measures we take as a company in order to keep your cloud resources safe and information on how to report any suspected abuse or vulnerabilities.

Symbiosis Infrastructure

Hardening our infrastructure means measures aimed at reducing the attack surface of our services and ensure only authenticated and authorized parties can access private resources in our cloud.

  • Platform networking runs over VXLAN overlay networks
  • Communication between applications and servers secured behind mTLS
  • Data centers equipped with DDOS mitigation
  • Data in storage and volumes are encrypted with LUKS block encryption with centrally stored secrets
  • Remote management is fully audited; remote access is done using short-lived cert-based SSH sessions
  • Nodes are virtualized using Libvirt (KVM), battle tested and widely used for over 15 years

Development (DevSec)

DevSec (Development Security) groups the measures we take to ensure we can build, release and maintain our software in a secure and robust manner.

  • Access to are internal services is gated using a SSO Identity Provider
  • Proposed changes to our core services are verified with code reviews, automated E2E-testing, integration testing and unit testing
  • Services are written in memory-safe, robust and battle tested languages and frameworks (including Golang, Kotlin, Spring Boot)


We take abuse complaints seriously. Please report any suspect activity to

Vulnerability Reporting

We appreciate all efforts from our users to identify and remedy any potential vulnerabilities in our system.

If you would like to report a vulnerability in one our services please email and include the steps to reproduce including any relevant information concerning tools and versions used.