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Why an SME should use Managed Kubernetes

Mar 16, 2023 3 minute read
Sauraj Gambhir
Sauraj Gambhir

If you manage the infrastructure for a small or medium-sized company, you understand that having a scalable, secure, and flexible infrastructure is crucial for the success of your business.

Kubernetes is a popular open-source container orchestration platform, that is already used by 61% of software organizations globally.

However, managing Kubernetes can be a complex task, requiring specific expertise and a learning curve, especially at a time when your development team should be focused on making the best application possible.

At such a critical junction of your business, a complex infrastructure set up can be extremely draining. The most common complaint we've heard is that there are just too many things that can go wrong. Whether it is network routing, security controls or just trying to get your team up to speed on the YAML manifests.

That's where managed Kubernetes services come in, offering a solution that can benefit companies of all sizes.

Simplified management

A managed Kubernetes service provides you with a simplified approach to Kubernetes management & day-2 operations. It can help you avoid the complexities of maintaining and updating the infrastructure, allow configuration of access controls and also provide integration with other managed services like databases.

Most managed services provide all key benefits of the Kubernetes API like autoscaling, auto-healing and replication. This way, you can spend more time building your application, and less time managing your infrastructure.


Kubernetes can be challenging to secure, requiring extensive knowledge of container security and network security. Managed Kubernetes services offer security features such as:

  • network isolation
  • identity and access management
  • vulnerability scanning
  • multi-region support.

These features ensure that your infrastructure and data are protected, and that you comply with industry standards and regulations.

Cost savings

While hyperscalers like Amazon and Google offer Kubernetes services, they can become expensive as soon as the company is out of their free credit program.

Managed Kubernetes services offer cost-effective options that are tailored to small and medium-sized companies' needs, (for example, Symbiosis can save you up to 82% compared to AWS).

Managed services providers offer solutions that fit within the company's budget while ensuring a high level of security and scalability.


A managed Kubernetes service offers small and medium-sized companies the scalability, security, and flexibility they need to grow their businesses.

It can help you save costs, simplify management, and scale efficiently without compromising on security.

If you're working for a fast-growing company, consider the benefits of using a managed Kubernetes service for your infrastructure.

Last Updated Mar 30, 2023
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