March product changelog

Apr 4, 2023 โ€ข 2 minute read
Buster Styren
Buster Styren

We're celebrating the fact that spring has finally come to Sweden by offering new users $50 in free credits for their Symbiosis resources in Germany, valid for 1 month.


  • We've changed the theme to a dark mode, including plenty of UI/UX tweaks & improvements
  • Support for Kubernetes 1.26 added (and we're phasing out 1.23)
  • CSI driver support for increasing capacity of volumes (online/offline)
  • We are running a closed beta of object storage, see pinned post in Discord to opt-in
New UI
A new & darker UI ๐ŸŒš

We've disabled the light theme for now as the dark mode just feels that much crisper.

What's next

Our primary focus right now is to build tools to simplify setting up infrastructure with CI/CD, IaC+GitOps and other best practices in mind. We're planning to release a closed beta of our auto-provisioning service during April.

Last Updated Apr 25, 2023
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