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Aug 10, 2022 5 minute read
Stephen Hoogendijk
Stephen Hoogendijk
Buster Styren
Buster Styren

Hey! We are Stephen and Buster, and we have built a Kubernetes provider that's 1/4 the cost of AWS and significantly simpler to set-up and operate.

The price and complexity of Google Cloud and AWS has made Kubernetes looking much scarier and complicated than it necessarily has to be. For example, just setting up a Kubernetes cluster shouldn't require 17 terraform resources.

We have experienced first-hand how frustrating managing Kubernetes can be: lackluster support, upgrades that take long to complete and simple mistakes such as excessive logging or egress traffic that can lead to devastating bills.

We offer 2 vCPU nodes with 8 GiB memory for $18/mo, with support for CSI driver, external load balancers, layer 2 VPCs, free support & RCA, terraform plugin and more.

In other words: Our goal is to offer the support of providers like Rackspace, the scalability of AWS and a price comparable to co-location.

Slash your cloud expenses

Since the birth of AWS we have gotten used to paying significant premiums for the convenience of the cloud. With complicated and opaque billing every resource you use is a potential footgun.

We hope to bring prices to par with the real costs of hosting cloud infrastructure, so you can both lower your expenses while still enjoying the benefits of fully managed Kubernetes.

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Monthly cost of a Kubernetes cluster with 20 nodes having a total capacity of 80 vCPU and 320GB RAM.

Note that Digital Ocean, Civo and Symbiosis nodes also include free traffic and storage.

Reserving instances for longer periods of time can significantly reduce your monthly costs with the hyperscale providers. However, use of autoscaler and variable workloads can make it difficult to make full use of these rebates.

Hostage fees Egress fees

We’ve spoken with countless SREs and DevOps and there’s one billable item that is a constant source of fever dreams and anxiety: egress fees.

Moving a single terabyte from an AWS datacenter will cost you $92. Symbiosis nodes include free traffic, with our smallest nodes including 1TB/mo. If any nodes go over their allotment we charge $0.005/GB of overage, or ~$5/TB.


Securing a cloud platform is a challenge we take very seriously. Some measures we take include using isolated layer 2 overlay networks for your internal traffic and encrypting your nodes and volumes using LUKS.

For details check out our security policies.

Feature parity (almost)

The least we can do is offer all key features you're already getting from your current cloud provider...

We cherry-picked some of the features we find most important into this chart. For a more thorough comparison see LearnK8s’ managed services chart.

SymbiosisCivoDigital OceanGoogle CloudAWS
Terraform plugin
External load balancers
Persistent volumes
Current stable version1.

Note that we are currently working on autoscaler support.

What else...

  • Symbiosis is currently in open beta
  • Our top priorities for Autumn '22 is Autoscaler support and US launch
  • Sign-up for our newsletter
  • Get started by reading our documentation
  • We appreciate all feedback we receive from our users, please do not hesitate to contact us
Last Updated Jan 11, 2023
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